About Us

Team Introduction

Passport grew from the involvement with Enactus Nottingham, the current UK Champions. Enactus is a global company which is known for setting up successful enterprises and implementing projects with high social impact. Our diverse team is full of different specialists, ranging from science to management, but all of us have viewed the numerous benefits of languages and are passionate to spread them across the UK.

History of Passport

Passport was founded with these core beliefs in mind:

  1. Every child has the right to high quality childcare at an affordable price.
  2. The benefits of multilingualism are massive. They are psychological, academic and social, and in the UK we are just starting to feel the tip of the iceberg of those benefits.
  3. The student community has a wealth of talent and skills which (generally speaking) goes missing when those students disappear off to university. Chances to demonstrate and build upon that experience are few and far between during term time, and this is a demographic that offers a huge amount that is not yet being fully received by local communities.

With these headerthree central values in mind, our vision was to utilize bilingual students who could offer high quality childcare. Not only would that childcare be high quality, it would also be affordable. Given the nature of roles that students are currently taking on at university, part-time hourly paid positions, we felt a mutually beneficial relationship was possible between Passport and bilingual students. That relationship depends upon us providing new opportunities for those students who choose to work with us. We offer chances to work in a childcare environment and gain transferable skills in working with young people from a variety of backgrounds, whilst students receive workshops run by TeachFirst to develop their own expertise in the areas of childcare and teaching, allowing us to provide first-class childcare for our parents.

To these we have added:

  1. Supporting the local community. Nottingham is a vibrant and welcoming city which should be celebrated for the wealth of talent it has, we believe that widening horizons through language and communication is a great was to support future generations.
  2. Unity. We hope to link the University with the greater Nottinghamshire community and begin to break the barriers which hold them apart.

Our main aims:

  1. To provide affordable modern language tuition to children throughout their education and to encourage them to take up languages at a higher level.
  2. To launch a heavily subsidised multilingual childcare centre to encourage languages from a young age and bring the global community to Nottingham.
  3. To work with the local community to expand our services to suit the need. We pride ourselves on being adaptable to each situation.

Meet the Team

JudithHey! I am Judith, I have been team leader of Passport for only a few short months, but it has been a whirlwind of activity with a very promising outcome. We are currently working hard to reach our launch date in September 2016 and I am confident that we can provide a service that is both useful to our clients and beneficial to our Tutors.

In my spare time I like to travel whenever and wherever possible. I spent last summer travelling, inter-railing round Europe, flying out to Tanzania and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. I love seeing different cultures and attitudes to life that you find in different corners of the world.

passportnottinghamKatrinaMy name is Katrina and I study French and Russian at the University of Nottingham, and as a languages student I’ve loved being part of Passport! I genuinely believe we offer a really great opportunity for people who love languages; I would be signing up myself if I weren’t setting off on my year abroad later this year. In my spare time I enjoy reading and writing – particularly about French and Russian history and culture. I also volunteer teaching English as a Foreign Language in Nottingham City Library, and am looking forward to living abroad for a year.


I’m AlIMG_1575ina and I am a Management with French student. I was born in Russia but adapted to the English language quickly when I moved to the UK from a young age.
I have since been exposed to the importance of
upholding Russian in order to better communicate with my family and feel like I have developed greatly as an individual through being bilingual. I feel like Passport allows me to share my passion with the Nottingham community whilst utilising it for a positive social impact.


Hello, my name is Katrina. I have been involved with passport for about half a year doing different tasks. At the moment, my main role is Communication and Technology Executive, making and maintaining our website. I love being a part of passport as it is full of lovely and bright individuals wanting to increase the number of multilingual people in our country starting with the city we are in.

I was born in Latvia into a Russian family and went to a Polish school and later on (when I was around 13 years old) my family moved to England. Being in UK, I have realized that being multilingual is very helpful when meeting new people that don’t speak much English. Therefore, being a part of Passport, I too strongly believe in the power of languages.

TomHi, I’m Tom and as a founding member of Passport, I am a strong believer that students have the potential to build strong relationships with parents in the local community. I felt I could offer more with my ever-increasing amount of tutoring and childcare experience whilst at university and, having worked with children from a number of backgrounds as a maths tutor, I saw what I perceived to be a great way to bring universities and local communities together. This meant starting with Nottingham, and so I went about setting up Passport. On a more personal note, I have focused my efforts on improving my Spanish and French for many years, but would not claim to be anywhere near as proficient as the linguists in our team!

MeganHello, I’m Megan and I’m a more recent addition to the Passport team. As a student of French and Spanish I am very happy to be involved with Passport because I think learning languages is not only very enjoyable but incredibly useful! Having undertaken extra language tuition during my own primary school days, I am aware of the positive impact it has had on my personal and professional life so far, and is therefore why I am really keen to see other young children given the same opportunity. In my spare time, I enjoy playing netball, dancing and travelling – the year I spent living and working abroad last year was one of the best experiences of my life!


Hi, my name is Stefanie and I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Nottingham. I was born in Cyprus, a small island above Egypt, where our native language is Greek. I have been exposed to the English language from a very early age which allowed me to study abroad; specifically here in UK and overall allowed me to communicate with almost everyone of course since it is the international language! I am a great fan of learning languages and I strongly believe in the benefits of being a multilingual. Personally, I love Spanish and last year I had the opportunity to start learning the Spanish language. I feel Passport, fully reflects the way I feel about learning more than one language and what benefits arise from this in a personal but also an educational level. Overall, during my free time I love to travel; I have traveled to more than 10 countries but my dream trip is to go to Brazil and after that Bali!