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Welcome to our Parents’ Page! On this page you will find details about the packages we offer and a description of the classes we provide. If you would like more information regarding anything below please contact us at and we will be happy to talk to you!

All of our tutors are interviewed, DBS checked and given Teach First workshops to ensure that they offer you high-quality tuition. We are always looking to improve our services and welcome feedback sent to the above email! Alternatively, you can get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Ability Price per hour Conversation class Price
Beginners £12 Individual class (1/2 hour) £7.50
Intermediate £13 Group (5 people avg.) class (1 hour) £5 per person
Advanced £14
GCSE standard £15

Our lessons are based on ability, rather than age, so that we can offer more appropriate level of tuition on an individual basis. As each language is different, please email us at for more information about specific languages.


We offer a variety of flexible packages built with you in mind!
If you would like to find out more about our packages,
please contact us with any queries.


Class Description


1 hour tuition + 30 minutes conversation

Tuition Bundle

£6 for the 30 minute conversation class on top of tuition price as quoted above

12 hours (6 weeks avg.)



12 hours tuition + 3 hours conversation

GCSE + Individual Conversation Class


12 hours tuition (6 weeks avg.)


10% discount

Beginners – Get ahead of the game!

  • Ready for a challenge? Bring it on!
  • Do you know how to introduce yourself but then it’s stuttered silence? The beginners’ tutors are for you!
  • We offer tuition to anyone who wants to start a language from scratch – whether it’s just for fun or as a new subject
  • Starting a new language at school and baffled by declensions, grammar and translation? Our tutors can guide and support you
  • From 4 year olds starting after-school language clubs, to beginners GCSE students battling an ever growing workload, we’re here to take some weight off your shoulders!
  • We aim to make learning fun and interactive – turning it from a boring school subject into a fun and exciting hobby!

Intermediate – can you hold a conversation but stumped when it comes to writing it out?

  • Intermediate sessions bring languages to a level where you are comfortable and can confidently master the basic grammar and begin to think of your language as a skill
  • Suitable for students at a wide range of level
  • Many children have picked up the basics of a language – our tutors can help them reach the next level and fill in any gaps
  • Ideal for students who need extra support to reach their linguistic potential
  • Intermediate tutors make sure you are confident in your everyday vocabulary and basic grammar before introducing you to more complicated (and more interesting!) topics
  • Here at Passport, we are keen that there are no loopholes or gaps which could trip you up in the future – our intermediate tutors make sure you have mastered the foundation levels

Advanced – A skill for life!

  • Advanced tuition is for competent linguists who are aiming to take their language forward; either onto higher education or to improve their fluency in their own time.
  • Our advanced service is the most flexible as each student has been taught in a different context and we want to support them to grow and improve with confidence in their abilities
  • Advanced sessions can fill gaps in your existing knowledge to consolidate your linguistic foundations then push you to improve and reach your full potential
  • We want our students to feel confident to push themselves and we give them the tools to do this – give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they have a skill for life

GCSE Standard

  • Suddenly realised exams are round the corner? Relax, we’re here to help!
  • Our student tutors all remember their GCSEs and are prepared to help you and your child through their first set of real exams
  • We work with the School of Education to ensure that our tutors fit in with the curriculum
  • Before your first meeting we will request the relevant textbook and GCSE specification – including exam board and course details
  • Our tutors work with your child’s textbook so that they can support what your child is taught in school
  • We want to work closely with schools to ensure we are supporting classroom teaching so that we are all working together for the best result

Education-Slider-Hi-Res-011Conversation classes

Average tuition sessions last between 1 – 2 hours but with our bonus conversation classes we can fast track our students learning in a safe and secure environment so that they become confident in their abilities.

Individual – Perfect for GCSE oral exam practice

  • Fancy that perfect French accent to order your croissants or struggle forming sentences in Spanish? Try our oral classes to get rid of that English accent
  • 30 minutes of one-to-one conversation class
  • Perfect for GCSE student heading for oral exams in school
  • Flexible classes to suit the standard of your child
  • We recommend that these classes follow a standard tuition session so that students can put what they have learned into practice
  • Supports the classroom learning style and brings the language to life!
  • Students can improve their confidence as well as their speaking and listening skills, pronunciation and fluency
  • As students improve their fluency in conversation, they learn to think on their feet and become independent learners

Group sessions

At Passport, we believe language skills can offer so much more than academic benefits, so we want to offer a way to socialise and meet new people. Through our group sessions you can gather a group of friends to learn together in a relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively, you can sign up for group tuition and meet new people who also have a passion for languages.

  • Average classes of 4 – 6 students
  • Perfect for home educated children or children looking for a friend to practise with
  • Hour long sessions allow everyone enough time to chat
  • Ideal for improving confidence – both in the target language and for life!
  • A relaxed, social atmosphere makes learning languages more engaging for children
  • A chance for pupils to apply what they have learned and to learn from each other